Free Crochet Pattern : Strawberry

October 22, 2014





Hi Guys!!

I’m really happy that my page has reached 1k followers! Thank you each and everyone for your love and support!! 

To celebrate this milestone, i have a free pattern for all who love crochet as much as i do! 

This crochet pattern is pretty simple and you don’t need much time to complete. 

Hope you guys will like this project! 


Abbreviations (in U.S crochet terms)




Sc-Single crochet

Dec-Single crochet decrease

Dc-Double crochet



General Materials:

  •       Stuff Filling

  •       A pair of 7.5 mm safety eyes

  •       3.5mm crochet hook

  •       Yarn needle

  •       A pair of Scissors

  •       8 Ply Green Yarn     

  •       8 Ply Red Yarn

  •       Silver/white embroidery thread


Strawberry Body (A)

R1: 9 sc in magic ring. (9 sts)

R2: Sc around (9 sts)

R3: *1 Sc in 2 sc, 2 sc in next sc*, rep 2 times. (12 sts)

R4: Sc around (12 sts)

R5: *1 Sc in 3 sc, 2 sc in next sc*, rep 2 times. (15 sts)

R6: *1 Sc in 4 sc, 2 sc in next sc*, rep 2 times. (18 sts)

R7-9: Sc around (18 sts)

R10: *1 Sc in 4 sc, Dec in next sc*, rep 2 times. (15 sts)

R11: *1 Sc in 1st sc, Dec in next sc*, rep 4 times. (10 sts)

Stuff an appropriate amount of stuff filling into (A)

Fasten off and weave in the loose ends with a yarn needle. 



Leaves (B)

R1: 15 sc in magic ring. (15 sts)

R2: *Sl into 1st sc, Ch 2, 1 dc in 1st sc, 1 dc in 2nd sc, 1 dc, Ch 2, sl in 3rd sc **, Rep * to ** 4 times

Fasten off and leave a long tail for sewing




Stem (C) 


R1: Using Green yarn, form 2 circle (size about the index finger) on R1 of the leaves (B)

R2: Sc, 16 in the 2 circles  

Fasten off and weave in the loose ends with a yarn needle.





Step 1:Sew the leaves (B) to the strawberry Body (A)

Step 2: Decorate the strawberry to create the seeds on the strawberry body by sewing lines on the strawberry body (A)

(Optional) Attach a keying to the stem (C) to carry it around



This is an original pattern by Yunie’s . Please do not claim this crochet pattern as your own. You may make and sell the items but give us the credits by linking it back to us! ! Much Appreciated!  You can share your completed project with us too and we wil be more than happy to feature it on our facebook   

Thanks in Advance :D

Happy Crocheting!! <3 


With Love, 



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