Europe Trip - Venice St Mark's Square acqua alta experience

March 30, 2016

Itinerary for Day 5 : Venice- St Mark's Square acqua alta experience

The second day is plain sight seeing and enjoying the city, we crossed many bridges and ​walk passed alot of small lanes , getting lst at times, but that is a great travel experience ( After all who doesn't get lost in Venice?? :D ) 

We walked and walked and finally reached ST Mark's Square for the second time, this time round, we are fortunate enough to encounter acqua alta ( Venice Flooding). 

How does Acqua alta actually occur??
It occurs when certain events coincide, such as:
  • A very high tide (usually during a full or new moon).

  • Low atmospheric pressure.

  • A scirocco wind blowing up the narrow, shallow Adriatic Sea, which forces water into the Venetian Lagoon.

The phenomenon usually take place between late September and April. It was really a one of a kind experience for because St Mark's Square really looked very different from the previous day and it all happened in a matter of hours 


The first photo was taken on the first day. Look at the huge difference. 

 It has already subsided a little when we reach , but still many people from are still walking on the elevated platform. All of them are queueing to go into the Basilica. We joined in the queue and to my surprised, some area of the basilica was flooded as well. 

 See the mummy pushing the pram in the foreground of the picture?? We was really enjoying the flood, pushing the baby round and round the square. Try searching for her in my other pictures :) 



Another event that caught my attention was this sea gull devouring its "friend". Not going to mention more details about it having its meal


 Ending this post with another gondala picture

This marks the end of my Venice Trip, a short any lovely one.

With Love, 


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