Europe Trip - Italy : Getting to Pisa From Rome

March 17, 2016

 Itinerary for Day 4: Square of Miracles -Leaning Tower of Pisa 


After 3 days in Rome, we made our way to the next Destination, Pisa. 

We took a FrecciaBianca High Speed train from Roma Termini Station to Pisa Centrale station and the whole journey only took us less than 3 hours. We only stay a night in Pisa, hence we took an early train there so that we have the whole day to explore the place.

Before our Pisa Adventure, i'm going to share with you how i book my high speed train tickets and how to board the train from Roma Termini station.



Booking the train tickets is really easy, you can do a reservation here.

Just select the date of departure and locations, time you wish to depart and you are ready to go! 

Tip : Try to book early to get a better deal :) Booking for high-speed trains usually opens 120 days ahead

Once you are done, you will receive your ticket details. Bring a copy during your trip as they will need to verify the PNR code. 


Boarding the train 

You just need to reach earlier than your train departure time ( of course, you wouldn't want to miss it ya?? )

Being the typical kind of Kisau Singaporean and it's our first time taking the intercity train, we reached pretty early. 

Once you are there, all you need to do will be to start at this huge board and look for your train to find the platform number you will need to go to board your train! 

Next, Follow the directions under the huge board to the platform


Verify the Train number on the screen at the platform, find your seats and you are ready to go! 


I really like to take the train because there are no baggage fees or weight limits to worry about and really hassle free. Not to mention that the view is pretty nice too!


In the next post, we will be going to the Leaning Tower of Pisa~


With Love, 


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