Europe Trip - Italy Day 2 Part 1 Rome Colosseum

January 21, 2016


Itinerary for Day 2: Colosseum >> Pantheon >> Piazza Navona >> Spanish Steps >> Trevi Fountain



We started the day early and the first place we went was the Colosseum. I was so afraid that we are going to queue for very long as we have quite a number of places to cover today due to the rain the previous day. 


The Colosseum is situated in the centre of the city of Rome, Italy and is the largest amphitheatre ever built . Getting there is easy, you can take the metro to Colosseum station ( Line B , blue line ) . 


Colosseum opens at 8.30 am but the closing time differs So you may want to check it out here. Last entrance is 1 hour before closure , but the area is pretty huge, so 1 hour is never going to be enough! 


Got hold of the tickets and off we go! 

Ticket is priced at €12 and it covers 3 areas (Colosseum / Roman Forum / Palatine Hill ) 


Tip : If you want to save time on queuing , buy your tickets at the Palatine Hill entrance ( less than 5 minutes walk from the Colosseum ) 



Many games took place in the arena at different times, following a specific time schedule.


The spectacle day began in the morning with the presentation of all the participants (pompa) .  This was followed by Venationes - fights between exotic animals, or between men and animals. 


During the lunch interval , when executions ad bestias took place, the condemned, naked and unarmed, face the wild beast which would tear them to pieces. In the afternoon, gladiatorial combats ( munera) were held. 



Do you know??  Roman gladiators were usually slaves, prisoners of war or condemned criminals.​



When you are doing with your exploration at the Colosseum , take a walk further down at the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill. 

The view from Palatine is pretty nice, you can see the whole of the Roman Forum. 

Below are some of the photos of the Palatine Hill and Roman Forum that i took :) 

As you can see the area is quite big, it's important to wear a comfy pair of shoes! 



Next stop, we will be heading towards  Pantheon , Spanish Steps and Trevi Fountain ! 









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