Europe Trip - Taking the vaporetto down the Grand canal

March 23, 2016


Itinerary for Day 4: Venice- Taking the Vaporetto route 1


We took a train from Pisa Centrale Station to Venezia S. Lucia Station via Firenze S.M. Novella. 

The best way to explore venice is defintely by foot, but if you would like to cruise down the Grand Canal, you can take the Vaperotto or the Gondola.The Vaperotto would be the more cost effective way to explore the grand canal.


Line 1 is the slow right making every stop along the way, the whole journey takes about an hour. .In order to avoid crowds, try to take the No. 1 vaporetto in the evening.

To enjoy a longer trip, stay on the boat until you reach Giardini or Sant'Elena and walk back along the waterfront to the Piazza San Marco 

We chose to board at Ferrovia station. You can buy vaporetto tickets or passes at ticket booths at main stops (such as Ferrovia, Rialto) or from a conductor on board (do it immediately, before you sit down, or you risk a €44 fine); or at a tourist information office (for no extra fee).


An important point to note is that all tickets and passes must be validated before use. Tickets generally come already stamped, but if your ticket lacks a stamp, , you will need to scan your ticket at the time stamping machine to validate it. After you are done with this step, all you have to do is board the vaporetto, find a good seat, relax and enjoy your ride!


For more information on the fare price and timetable>>click here


 I really enjoyed every moment on the vaporetto and we alighted at S Zaccaria Station. Check out our next post as we explore the St Mark's Square,Bridge of Sighs

With Love, 


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