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Free Crochet Pattern : Handphone Pouch

To all the lucky guys who got yourself the brand new phone, i’m sharing with you all a simple an fast project to make yourself a handphone sleeve/ cellphone cosy for you new phone!

Finished Project Measurement : Approximately 16 cm by 8 cm

Without further ado, let’s get started:

Materials: 1. Purple yarn ( I got mine from daiso)

2. 4.0mm Crochet hook 3. Yarn Needle 4. A black button

Flower applique[ Optional] - 1. A 8 matching colour yarn 2. A small white button

Abbreviations (in U.S crochet terms)

St -Stitch Sl -Slipstitch Ch -Chain Sc -Single crochet Hdc -Half Double crochet Dc - Double crochet Sk - Skip Inc - 2 sc in one stitch

Pattern : Ch 18 R1: *Sc in second ch from hook , sc in the same sc , sc in each of the next 16 st, Inc in last st ** rep* to ** for the other side of the ch , sl into the first sc ( 40 St) R2 : Sc Around, sl into the first sc (40 st) R3-8 : Ch 2 and hdc around, sl into the Ch ( 40 St) R9: Sc Around, sl into the first sc (40 st) Sl 9, Ch 10 , Sk 2 sc from R9, Sl 9 . Fasten off and weave in ends

Align and sew the black button in the centre of the pouch

Flower Applique [Optional]

R1: Sc 10 in magic ring, Sl to first sc (10 sts)

R2: ^Ch 2, 1 hdc in 1st sc, 1 hdc in 2nd sc, ch 2 and Sl in

Same sc ^^, Rep ^ to ^^ 4 times

Sew the flower applique onto the bottom right corner of the pouch

Tadah! Done!

This is an original pattern by Yunie’s . Please do not claim this crochet pattern as your own. You may make and sell the items but give us the credits by linking it back to us! ! Much Appreciated! You can share your completed project with us too and we wil be more than happy to feature it on our facebook

Thanks in Advance :D

With love,


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