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Free crochet pattern : Beanies for Premies

Free crochet pattern : Beanies for Premies

An easy project that you can complete in less than an hour. A simple beanie for premies

Let's get started!

Measurement :

​Free crochet pattern : Beanies for Preemies

Please note that the type of yarn used and the tension may cause variation in size.


4 mm crochet hook

Stuff Filling

8 Ply Yarn: Any colour of your choice

Yarn needle

Abbreviations (in U.S crochet terms)

Ch - Chain

St - Stitch

Dc - Double Crochet

Rep - Repeat

Sl - Slipstitch

Inc - Increase (2 sc in same stitch)

Crochet Pattern

R1 : Dc 12 in magic ring. (12 sts) ,

R2 : Dc Inc around. (24 sts)

R3 : [1 dc, Dc Inc] , Rep [ ] around(36 sts)

R4 : [1 dc in first 2 St, Dc Inc], Rep [ ] around (48 sts)

R5-7 : Dc around (48 sts)

R8-10 : [Front Post Dc in first St, Back Post Dc in next St ] ,Rep [ ] around (48 sts)

Fasten off and weave in ends​

Free crochet pattern : Beanies for Premies

Hope you guys will like this project!

This is an original pattern by Yunie's.

If you have any questions regarding this pattern, Feel free to drop us an email or PM us on our facebook page.

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