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World Amigurumi Exhibition ended

World Amigurumi Exhitbition ended in March (Read more)

I finally got my amigurumis back! and really happy to see them once again.

This exhibition ended in the blink of the eye and i am already waiting patiently for the next one to come.

It is really a great exposure for Yunie's and all amigurumi lovers. There has been so many features on the event. A big Thank you to Takashi and team of RESOBOBOX.

In the Press

A screenshot of a picture from the feature (Photo credits to Happily Hooked Magazine)

Can you spot my horse and brown bear in the picture??

My brown bear is sold in the exhibition along with some of my other creations.

I will be listing the rest of my amigurumis in my Etsy store soon.

Hope that my OOAK amigurumis will be able to find a loving owner soon~

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