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Oppa LMH

Hi for All LMH fans out there!!

Sharing with you guys some of my works i made for i made some time ago

If you have been following my Facebook Page or Instagram, you may have seen my WIP pics that i posted long long time ago.

It has been 6 months and finally i got the pictures sorted out and some of the patterns written.

Let me introduce you to some of my cutie oppas :D.

All the Lee Min Ho dolls are standing at 11-12cm tall.

Lee Min Ho dolls

Can You identify which drama/shows these characters are from??

Gonna show you some random (and lame shots) before revealing them all :P

lee min ho crochet dolls

lee min ho

lee min ho crochet dolls

lee min ho crochet dolls

Alright enough of all the crap :P

(1) Boys over flowers [ Pattern available on ETSY]

lee min ho crochet dolls

(2) Personal Taste

Personal Taste lmh

(3) City Hunter​​ [ Pattern available on ETSY]

City hunter lmh

(4) Faith [Pattern available on ETSY]

Yup! i made them in 2 different hairstyle, flowe and headband.

Which style do you prefer??^^

Faith Lmh
headband lmh

(5) Heirs[ Pattern available on ETSY]

Heirs LMH

(6) Gundam Blues

Gungdam Lmh

Which is your favurite oppa??

If you like crochet as much as i do, grab a copy of our patterns and make one for yourself or your friend :D

Alright that's all for now!

With Love


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