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MAAD Throwback

Last Friday, my Partner 29 Yume and I were at Red dot Design Museum for MAAD.

MAAD is a creative night market for Artist and Designers to showcase their works.

This is a monthly event on a Friday night from 5pm - 12 am. Admission is Free.

If you are looking for something unique , you can drop by red dot design museum!

For more details like MAAD DAtes and information : Click Here

Yunie's at MAAD

It's actually my 2nd time here at MAAD but it was ages ago when i first joined.

Hence, I'll still pretty excited to join this time round :D

I'm Elated that the response is pretty good. Thank you all who supported our works. Most of the Amigurumis are available in our Etsy store.

2015-04-10 18.10.08_edited.jpg

Yunie's at Maad.jpg

​​Thanks Yan Ning for the cute octie picture! <3

There are just endless colour combinations to octies. View them here!

Le Tacos

We also have the crown version with an adorable bling bling octie charm. This Crown Octie is sold already but if you are interested in getting one, feel free to drop us an email and we will be more than happy to re make one for you ^^

Lilac PBP Octie pompom charm.jpg

Aliright that's all for now!

Hope we can join the next MAAD soon!!

With Love ,


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