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Taiwan: Ding Tai Fung at Taipei 101

Touched down @ Tao Yuan International Airport!

We exchanged Our One Way Bus Voucher from Taiwan Visitors Association for a pair of Guo Guang 1819 Tix.

First few days will basically be wedding photoshoot preparation hence we will be checking into a hotel near Shuang Lian Station

Initally we wanted to take the Evergreen Bus as it was supposed to stop there but unfortunately they already changed their route.

( Do check with the counter for the updated route if you are planning to take Evergreen) .

Guo guang did pass by the Shuang Lian area so we alighted halfway and walked to our hotel.

Freebie Voucher Exchange Guo Guang 1819

We did an early check in to our hotel and headed to Taipei 101 but the weather was not really good. So cloudy and from the observatory we can only see 20% of the view. Hence,planned changed. We decided tocome another day.

Up next, Lunch at Din Tai Fung.

Everyones says that it is a must to visit Din Tai Fung, so here we are!

Lucky we were there early and there wasn't any queue.

To me, it taste pretty much the same as ours.

Xiao Long Bao is nice and i must say that their service is good.

The waitress will patiently explain to you prepare the sauce for you.

[ Suggested ratio is 1 portion of soy sauce to 3 portions of vinegar ]

Another thing to try is Guo Tie which is not available in Singapore.

Taste is pretty good.

Taipei 101 Ding Tai Fung