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Get Your freebie before going to Taiwan !

One more week and i'm flying off to Taiwan!

I made a trip down the Taiwan Visitors Association to get some brochures and freebie (Seasonal)^^

Freebie i got was One Way Bus Voucher For Traveling

(Between Taoyuan International Airport and Taipei City).

One Voucher per pax. [ Valid until May 31,2015]

Taiwan Freebie 2015

You will need the following itemsto redeem your freebie:

1. Confirmed Air ticket

2. Min one night accomodation

Taiwan Visitors Association Address: 30 Raffles Place, #10-01, Chevron House, Singapore 048622 Nearest MRT : Raffles Place MRT Telephone: 65-6223-6546/7

It's pretty easy to get to TVA:

Yunies Travel Taiwan Freebie TVA direction

Oh ,Just to side track alittle, if you are planning to use your debit/credit card overseas, don't forget to activate the magnetic stripe as all the cards has been disabled for overseas use to reduce the risk of unauthorised transactions.

My DBS Card Activation... Checked!

They have pretty clear step by step instruction and it just take a minute or so to do it! Link Here

Alright that's all for now!

With Love,