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First entry of the year!

Gonna share a creation that i did for christmas last year.

Isn't this doggie adaorable??

"when wil i strike 4D??" When will i strike it rich??

This question is bothering me all the time as well haha

Wish everyone will HUAT HUAT in the brand new year!!

Strike 4D

I made this cute doggie in 2 designs, one in sittinng and the other in lie down position for Meihua's cousin and her bestie.

Brown Dog
Brown crochet dog

You may have notice that these 2 creations look kinda different from the usual amigurumi that i have made.This time round i used a "SECRET WEAPON" to make the heads fluffy. I shall not disclose the technique i use now, perharps i can have a tutorial on this what do you think??

More of the cute doggie pictures below:

Doggie in Sit down Position

Amigurumi Dog Lie down

Doggie in lie down position

Amigurumi Dog

Doggie in lie down position

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