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Crochet tip : Sewing Amigurumi Nose and Mouth

Sharing with all of you an easy way to sew a bunny nose and mouth.

I use this method quite often on my bunny amigurumi in my rainbow series Amigurumi. Pattern consist of 3 adorable animals [ Bunny, Koala and piggy].

It's really easy!

To get started, you will need a yarn needle and yarn / embroidery thread.

crochet tip sew nose mouth
  1. Gauge the head of the Ami that you are working on and make sure the nose is in the middle of the 2 safety eyes.

  2. Sew the outline of the triangular nose first. Sew diagonally across a single crochet, followed by the right side, joining it to the middle point forming a "V" shape.

  3. Fill the area with diagonal stitches

  4. Sew vertically down, joining the pointed end of the "V"

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