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Crochet Tip: Working on Back Loops

Back loop Crochet why and how

For beginners who just started learning crochet, do you know that the stitch is made up of the front and back loop when you look from the top view?

crochet back loop

The normal way to do it is to crochet into both the loops ,inserting your hook under both front and back loops as you work on your stitches.

How to do back loop crochet??

Instead of crocheting in both the loops, insert you hook only into the back loop and crochet on

So what happens when u only crochet in the back loops??

You will see this visible front loop ridge as you crochet along and it will become more elastic as compared to the usual way of crocheting along with both loops.

crochet back loop

Why do we crochet only in the back loop?

- To make the Fabric more Stretchy/ Elastic

- Create a different texture > by crocheting only on the back loop , we can create a horizontal line effect

We can also use it in tapestry crochet to create a different feel. (Just like this love that i made)

Now grab your hook and practise your back loop crochet, you can try making you own love using the chart below

crochet loop tapestry
crochet love